EICR – Electrical Condition Installation Report

(formerly Periodic Inspection Report)

What is an EICR?

An EICR is a comprehensive check of fixed electrical wiring to establish whether it is safe and compliant with the Regulations, and to identify any potential safety issues.

This is most commonly carried out as best practice when you are either buying or selling a property, or as a legal requirement if you are a Landlord under the Electrical Safety Standards in the Private Rented Sector (England) Regulations 2020.

The EICR is an 8-page substantial report. It will detail whether your electrical installation is satisfactory, or whether any remedial safety works are required. If so, these are split into three classifications:

  • Code C1 (Danger Present) – The safety of those using the installation is at risk and immediate remedial action is required.
  • Code C2 (Potentially Dangerous) – Whilst those using the installation may not be at immediate risk, urgent remedial action is required to remove the potential danger.
  • Code C3 (Improvement Recommended) – The inspection and/or testing has revealed a non-compliance with the current safety standard which, whilst not presenting immediate or potential danger, would result in a significant safety improvement if remedied.

What will be checked during an EICR?

We will check that your consumer unit (fuse box) is safe, and compliant with the current 18th Edition Amendment 2 IET Wiring Regulations. This covers whether it has the necessary protection of circuits with RCBOs (residual current breakers with over-current), SPD (surge protection device), and in certain types of premises such as HMOs, care homes, and student accommodation, AFDDs (arc fault detection devices).

Other checks designed to prevent fatal electric shocks include ensuring that everything is correctly earthed on your gas-meter pipework, water pipework, radiators and all the metal in the building.

We will also check a minimum 90% sample of your sockets, lights, switches and other outlets to ensure that the wiring is installed correctly.

How long does EICR testing take, and what will it cost?

Every property is different, and an accurate estimate for carrying out the testing and providing the report will be given for every job, but on average a two-bedroom property with 10 circuits will take 3-4 hours to test, followed by 1-2 hours to complete and sign off the EICR report, at a cost of £180 + VAT.